Dear owners,

This year we had many thefts in our property (bicycles,television...) .

This phenomenon is general in the region and particularly in all the Zeniamar properties .

The Guardia civil draws the attention of all the owners and tenants to close the doors at the entrances of the property and also in their apartment .

During the holidays we found that many people leave the external doors open .

 This is not acceptable.

Be aware that the world is changing and we must protect ourselves and our property.

The President .


Dear owners ,

Following the AGM decision, the jacuzzi will be stopped during the winter season .

Stop period : End of October to Begin od May.

Best regards.

The committee.


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Our partners in Zeniamar 10


Dear owners,

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Children in the pool area.

During the holidays we remain to all the owners and tenants that the children are under the resposability of their parents

in the pool aera. Children under 12 years old are not allowed to stay in the pool aera without supervision of an adult.

interdiction enfants

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